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Asset Management

Physical Asset Management (PAM)

The Principles (Why ContrackFM Facilities Management SAE want to do it)

We want to preserve the functions of the asset, so that they can provide the functionality they were designed for

We want to provide Asset routine maintenance that prevents failures.

We want to provide Routine maintenance designed to avoid, reduce or eliminate the consequences of those failures.

The primary objective of the maintenance organisation is to optimise equipment availability at the best value ratio to cost

It is acknowledged that poor maintenance detrimentally affects all aspects of a business, in terms of risk, product quality, and safety. It also recognises that poor maintenance negatively affects and increases the possibility of environmental damage

Asset Management Maintenance philosophy

We have invested and financed a robust service delivery system that complies to best practice in asset management, and in accordance with PASS 55 and ISO 55,001

We are an accredited ISO 9001 company and operate our Enterprise Computer-Aided Facility Management system (ARCHIBUS©) for the express purpose of providing our clients with usable and sound information in reporting specifically customised to contribute directly to the clients bottom line targets of profitability.

We are using an industry norm Enterprise Resource System (ERP) for managing the internal processes in the company, 

in line with the  management protocols developed within our ISO 9001 accreditation.

We use Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) as the prime philosophy to design and implement our planned preventative maintenance programs, so as to prevent failures on critical equipment

We use several scientific evidence based methodologies using failure data (from our CAFM), as well as recognised mathematical modelling, like Weibull profiles, in identifying and eliminating failures, as well as using, in combination sound cause and effects analysis, where possible.

Property Management

ContrackFM Facilities Management SAE can provide property management services customized to suit the client’s needs. These can include:

Managing the property, complete with either a single major tenant, or multiple tenants, collecting rents, services and utility charges where necessary, installing and renewing lease agreements, and inclusive of providing all the facility management services

This service can include for portfolio management, where more than one property is involved, and may include the provision of:

Internal valuation services

  • Asset management evaluations
  • Assessments for poor performing assets to convert them into profit making enterprises
  • Redevelopment of assets