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Nile City Towers

§  CFM assumed the responsibility of the prestigious and newly completed Nile City Towers in Ramlat Boulak in early 2004, on a full integrated Facilities Management agreement, and has been the Facility manager for the building owner ever since. §  The building is now over 11 years old, and still, today stands as a symbol of the care and diligent attention the building receives, for a client who is completely satisfied with our service delivery, proven by our ability in having been able to renew this contract for this long period of time. read more

Smart Village

§  Smart Village Spread over 3 Million Square meters, in Cairo’s west suburb and stands as Egypt’s prime Communication and Information Technology (CIT) Cluster and Business Park. §  By the end of 2010 Smart Village Egypt was hosted with more than 35,000 professionals in more than the 150 Companies and expected to reach to 500 Companies by 2014. read more

HSBC Maadi office

CFM Proudly serve the only LEED Certified building in Africa. CFM managed to reduce the power consumption by 19% and 47% water consumption of the Building read more

Credit Agricole

o   In continuation to the series of successes and achievements since its founding in 2004, Contrack facility management (CFM) have recently succeeded to win the contract for Facility management provider of the New Credit Agricole headquarters premises in  New Cairo. CFM will be providing their usually impeccable housekeeping services in addition to their technical services for the quiet upscale , high end , state of the art facility opened to the public end of last year. CFM, an affiliate of the OCI empire, is known to be Egypt’s market leader in the facility management field with a special focus in the banking, corporate and IT industry and looking forward to marking this yet to be a long-term partnership with Credit Agricole as only the start. read more