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About Contrack FM

About us, which is designed to be everything about you!


We provide an integrated and systematic approach to operating, maintaining, improving and adapting the buildings and infrastructure (Assets) of an organisation in order to create an environment that strongly supports the primary objectives of that organisation.

We asses why, and how to address the competing needs of any organisation by first understanding its core business focus, and integrating those “core” needs with the functions that should be designed to support the core business and drive customer satisfaction and achieve best value

We understand that running costs accounts for a significant part of annual expenses and that it seems logical to look for cutting operating expenses in non-core business areas. Since the running of an organisation requires complex coordinated processes and activities, it is necessary to take an integrated view. A piecemeal approach is unlikely to produce savings and may in fact impair an organisation’s ability to deliver high quality products and or services. It is our job to provide the proof of this statement. If we cannot succeed to do so, we have no basis of existing, no reason to be around.

We see our purpose as to provide value to the client organisation, and we define it as follows:

          Value is the relationship between cost, or price and quality and performance

          Cost is easy to measure, they are numbers on a budget, but value for money is concerned with quality of service, and the efficiency and effectiveness with which it is delivered.

          As a rule, the achievement of best value is demonstrated by the acceptance of the lowest tender price in a competition extended to only qualified service providers, where all the important criteria, i.e. quality, performance, terms, conditions and service level agreement are equal (the same).

We firmly believe that where the client, and supplier is concerned only with their immediate interests (client, cost of service, supplier net profitability/short term contracts), then there is no incentive to make, or even consider longer term commitments. These contracts are common, and provide little longer term value for both parties.

Long-term cooperative partnerships allows for both entities to invest in best value of services in support of the core business activities of the client, but requires a level of expertise and experience not always available within the procurement/HR/Administrative functions in client organisation’s. It is therefore, in our view critical that the client must have this level of procurement expertise within its organisation, without which a long term cooperative relationship stands little chance of success.



Corporate Responsibilities

We strive to bring corporate responsibility to every aspect of our business. We've institutionalized strong principles of corporate governance.We support open source initiatives that increase access to technology. We work diligently to ensure the privacy and security of our customers. We're committed to managing a responsible and diverse supply chain that supports our high standards for environmental and business practices.


Reducing our environmental impact and conserving key resources is consistent with our values as a service company and makes business sense.CFM believes that by being careful about consuming energy, water and materials, and minimizing the impact on the environment of our waste, air emissions, and water effluent, we will be in a better position to operate more efficiently and sustainably.